Our Story

We are a family business located in Ogun state, Nigeria.  The founders TJ and Rashidat just wanted purity and simplicity in non- dairy products and herbs that were good for them  and the world around them.

They sought out to become  the largest cashew nut plantation with over 1000 cashew tree and grow of high quality herb plants using thoughtful environmental  processes.

We grow, blend and  distribute natural remedies in the form of herbal teas. Our herbal teas  are made with biologically active herbs that transform the health of the body both inside and out. Our assortment of healing herbs  stem from Ayurvedic and African healing traditions.

We are a grower and distributor – *No Walk In Store – Find our products  right here online. All orders over £50/ #25,000 get shipped for free in Lagos and anywhere in the UK !

Our Farm

At Gaiafarm, we cultivate herbs, spices  and cash crop  cashew) on a fertile 200 hectare  located at Ijale-Orile, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Gaiafarm is a permaculture farm dedicated to building an ecofriendly and sustainable tropical agricultural systems on a human scale.  Since 2018, our team has continually transformed the land from its previous life as a pasture to a productive tropical farm.  We grow many fruits like soursop in our tropical orchards both exotic and common varieties.

 Our rural neighborhood is a few miles from the capital of Ogun state, Abeokuta.

We serve our community by hiring local farm workers from the community. Also offering  training for volunteers to become farmers and gardeners themselves.


We believe our work can inspire more love for non-dairy options and herb plants that will improve the health, happiness and harmony of the environment.


At Gaiafarm, we strive to create and nurture a place  where  gardeners, healers, guests and lovers of farm can come together to manifest our shared vision.  We honor the environment through exploring the healing power of plants and nature.

We want to re-invent locally grown herb plant and be the leader in the whole usage  of the cashew nut value chain. In service to this mission we grow an abundance of high quality organic food for the  community and customers all over Nigeria and in the UK.

Through growing and marketing of  herbs we are inspired to help people connect with the source of plant allies used for self-healing.    We are inspired by the art and practice of Ayurveda, a system of self-healing and re-balancing which teaches ways of living that promote and sustain radiant health on all levels: environment, food, body, heart, mind.

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