Avoid becoming sick!


An effective antiviral herb used as an herbal remedy to treat common health conditions such as influenza, the common cold, chest colds, high blood pressure, headaches, fever, bronchitis, swelling and excessive coughing. It helps to strengthen the body’s innate immune system against this viral infection and prevent this invader from progressing into more dangerous infections or causing other health complications.


  • 6 x Large Ewe or leaves of  Leaf of Life either fresh/dried.
  • 18 pieces of ata ijosi or wiri wiri peppers.
  • 200ml of pure honey 


  1. Grind the Ewe and Ata Ijosi in  a porcelain pestle & mortar. Do not use a blender.
  2. In a glass bowl, add  200 ml of filtered pure honey and the grinded ingredients.  Mix  well for  5mins. 
  3. Transfer all the mixture into a glass jar and store at room temperature.  To purchase our leaf of life  herbal tea, visit  www.gaiafarm.com.ng 

How to use it

  1. For bacterial or viral prevention, please take 1 teaspoon of this tincture on an empty stomach (DO NOT TAKE if you have a history of  stomach ulcer) once a week for an adult. While for children aged 18 months & above ½  teaspoon.
  2. For treatment ,if you tested positive for COVID 19 virus. 
  3. Take 1 teaspoon for 3 times a day on an empty stomach. Best taken  in the morning, Now by the third, you will test negative .
  4. Remember to continue taking this remedy for 7 days to fully eliminate the viral load from your system. After 7 days continue to take 1 teaspoon, once a weeK.  Tips: ONLY KEEP IT FOR 1 MONTH. 

Thank you Prof. Adebukola Oshintelu (Chairman of Director Lagos state traditional medicine board) for her formidable sharing this recipe and her words of wisdom to always remember “to give in order to receive”

To explore  or find out more about African alkaline herbal teas. Contact us via email: info@gaiafarm.com.ng

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