Cut Down on  Added Sugar

Here is the honest truth. Sugar isn’t that “evil” , for starters,  it’s body fastest source of energy to keep going.  This doesn’t mean you should gobble up the sweet stuff all day for energy. In fact, that’s  a bad idea for many reasons. Let’s explain why, added sugars has been linked to a host of health issues including fatty liver, ulcer and diabetes — especially when you substitute high-calorie drink in place of more nutritious foods, such as whole fruits and vegetables for mealtime. For instance  when you substitute regular wholesome breakfast meal with a sweetened tea/coffee drink.

What is added sugar and where is it used?

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The “all natural” pre-made smoothies or instant sweetened tea/coffee, even your instant oatmeal  may contain surprising amounts of added sugar. Of course, the things we like to drizzle on our foods, like honey, agave, or maple syrup, are added sugars, too. Lots of foods in our fridges and pantries can contain sneaky portions under more discreet names and you may not even realise  that you’re consuming it.

One of the easiest tips to reducing added sugar in your lifestyle or from your diet is to “Always Read The Back Label” on the packaging. Look out for ingredients  ending with  “ose,” like fructose and dextrose or that include fruit juice/cane juice. Also says syrups, like high-fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup.

Another savvy tip

The simplest  way to ensure you aren’t drinking added sugars is to have plain water or sparkling  water when you’re thirsty. If  you’re craving something with more flavour, jazz up your plain water / sparkling water without adding sweeteners by infusing your water with natural  ingredient from herbs, spices or crushed fruits and steeping any of these ingredient for 30 minutes -1 hour before drinking.

Homegrown herbs and spices we love to add include

Start your morning,  the no sugar way

Typically, I start my morning with 1x  teaspoon (Tsp) of apple cider vinegar added to a glass of water infused over night with turmeric & ginger. 

Or if you start your mornings with black coffee or milky tea, try adding a dash of cinnamon/ vanilla pod, if you want to go no sugar.

Remember, implementing what you read is how you can make back the money you spent in more than a million folds. So, get to work.

The Gaiafarm Herbal lifestyle, thank you for reading.


Rashidat Raji-Siwoku. BSc & MSc Pharma, Homeopathic advisor. HACCP & NEBOSH