Blood Pressure Reset -Ewe Afomo


  1. Purify the blood
  2. Break down arterial fats
  3. Improve circulation in the body
  4. Lower cholesterol level<
  5. Improve diabetes



Pharmacological studies carried out  revealed that mistletoes showed hypotensive, hypoglycaemic, antilipidaemic, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial. Also the leaves  were non-toxic in experimental animals at the doses used.

The findings showed that mistletoes can be very useful as medicinal agents in ameliorating health problems such as < , hypertension, arthritis, pain, cancer and a host of other ailments if properly studied and developed.

The combination with other herbs like vervain and spices like cinnamon help to calm the nerves, purify the blood especially when the high blood pressure is due to stress and worries.

Deliciously  with its slightly savoury, aromatic yet mild flavour, to provide a natural balance . The essence of this tea is: ‘Being calm with self and one’s body.’





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